A MILFORD Haven dog groomer has proved her skills, turning a “hairy beast” in to a prize-winning pooch.

Lauren Kimpson of Woofers Dog Grooming, Charles Street, took part in a grooming competition in Wigan hosted by Wayne John Roby of Scizzor Yappy, on August 20.

“I brought a dog called Honey, who is a cavapoo, a cavalier king charles cross poodle, which I had spent several weeks growing out for this competition,” said Lauren.

“Once arriving at the competition venue myself, the other competitors and spectators watched two demos by Wayne John Roby, and then had our competition in the afternoon.”

Lauren was one of seven competing in the competition, for any breed of dog and any style.

Judges were Wayne John Roby and Debbie Knight.

“I chose to put Honey into a Wheaton terrier style as she had very long hair on her face to pull it off,” said Lauren. “I had two-and-a-half hours to turn her from a hairy beast into a designer dog.

“In that time I used my clippers and scissor work to complete her style.

“I was placed second out of seven and my prizes were a blue rosette a trophy, a five litre bottle of shampoo and a set of chunkier scissors.”