A TINY malnourished hedgehog has become a prickly Pembroke prima donna, delighting local children.

Little Harriet has settled well into her holiday home in Pembroke Community Garden, St Oswalds.

In November she was tiny when found in Roch.

She weighed only 330grams and was unlikely to find enough food to fatten up sufficiently for her winter hibernation.

Fortunately, she was taken to Pembrokeshire hogspital for hedgehogs.

By early January, she had recuperated sufficiently to be taken to her foster home in Pembroke.

Here, if they are very quiet and gentle, local children, can visit on their way home from nearby Golden Grove School, and watch as she is fed daily at about 3.20pm.

Every Thursday she is also weighed before she has another doze.

Harriet is now a healthy 780 grams and nearly ready for hibernation.

Next Spring the hogspital will return Harriet to her home in Roch.

The Garden is open 10am-noon and 2-4pm.

Pembrokeshire hogspital is on Facebook at facebook.com/pembrokeshirehogspital