A GROUP of young ukulele performers in Pembroke will have easier performances thanks to a recent event at Tabernacle URC Pembroke.

Donations had been received at the Crib Service on Christmas Eve at Tabernacle where 12 -15 children plus two adults delighted everyone by playing their ukuleles under the guidance of Georgia Wilson.

The Crib Service was led by Rev. Nanette Lewis Head.

The donation to the ukulele group, who are learning from scratch, will go towards purchasing straps for the ukuleles enabling the players to play standing, which will also aid their posture.

The ukulele group are known as Pembroke Kids Ukulele Academy (PUKA), and they also performed at the Tabernacle opening celebration service on December 3.

PUKA is anticipating performing for various charitable events, and anyone young or old who is interested in either individual or group lessons can contact Georgia Wilson on 07916404082.