Music streaming giant Spotify has announced a brand new feature allowing users to listen to music with their friends wherever they are.

The 'Jam' feature lets music lovers listen to and add songs to a shared queue with this being compatible with smart and Bluetooth speakers.

Setting this up is simple and allows friends to connect even when they are not in the same room through the power of music.

How to start a 'Jam' on Spotify as new feature announced

Setting up a Jam with friends is really easy and can be done by following the simple step-by-step guide provided by Spotify.

The streaming platform says that users can tap the device they are playing the music from by selecting the Current Device (stereo icon) next to the song they are playing.

Listeners can also tap the '...' on their favourite public playlist to start the feature.

Once this has been done, users can select Start a Jam before hitting Invite.

Here, users will be able to share a QR code or select Share Link to send the Jam to their friends.

Alternatively, those with Bluetooth enabled will be able to tap their phones together to start.

How to remove someone from a Spotify Jam

To remove someone from a Jam, all users need to do is tap on the Current Device option, select Remove All Participants and hit the '...' next to the participant. Here, they will find a Remove feature.

Those wanting to leave the Jam can do so by selecting Current Device and then hitting Leave Jam.

However, Spotify notes that if the host leaves the Jam, the whole session ends for everyone.