You may have heard of the Too Good To Go service and I tried what Morrisons had to offer through the programme to see what it was like.

Too Good To Go exists as a way to fight food waste, with many businesses offering bags of unsold products near their expiry date at a discounted price.

Many brands such as SPAR, Greggs, Harvester, Pizza Express and even Holiday Inn offer such options.

On its website, it says: "Food waste is a big problem, and we can be a solution. Too Good To Go is the app that lets you rescue unsold food from an untimely fate at your favourite spots."

Due to helping a cause of preventing food waste, I wanted to give it a try to see what it was like.

It was simple to download the app but I admittedly had more trouble actually ordering a bag from my local Morrisons.

There's only a limited number that are available every day and they are usually sold out insanely quickly.

Eventually, after a few days of trying, I looked at the app at the right time and was able to order a bag to collect the following day between 5pm and 9pm.

I headed down to my local Morrisons after work to pick up the bag and I was shocked at how much food came with it.

Western Telegraph: The Too Good To Go bag contained a lot of itemsThe Too Good To Go bag contained a lot of items (Image: Newsquest)

What I got in my Morrisons Too Good To Go bag

The Morrisons Too Good To Go bag costs £3.09 for around £10 worth of random groceries that are nearing their expiry date and you got a hell of a lot for it.

The items that came with my bag were:

  • 6 large free-range eggs x3 (RRP: £1.85 per pack)
  • Seeded Sliced Bloomer (RRP: £1.30)
  • Mixed Leaf Salad x2 (RRP: 99p per bag)
  • Port Salud Soft French Cheese Slices x3 (RRP: £2.60 per pack)
  • Large Flat Mushrooms (RRP: 79p)
  • 2 Pineapple Upside Down Puddings (RRP: £2.50)
  • Morrisons Savers Fruit & Nuts (RRP: 59p)

There was some great value to be found here, particularly in receiving the three packs of eggs and the three packs of Port Salud cheese.

Western Telegraph: The bag included eggs, bread, salad and cheese among othersThe bag included eggs, bread, salad and cheese among others (Image: Newsquest)

Nearly all of the items were going to expire the following day or two days in advance, except for the Fruit & Nuts Mix which had a more generous allowance of going out of date in September.

Whilst the items together wouldn't really help in creating a full meal, individually they could quite easily help with adding to other dishes (such as with the mushrooms).

Also, it probably helps that I'm still living at home as between my family we were able to use up the items fairly efficiently.

Western Telegraph: The bag came with three packs of large eggsThe bag came with three packs of large eggs (Image: Newsquest)

Another benefit is if I didn't like an item anyway (such as with the Port Salud cheese) another family member was bound to enjoy it and use it up.

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For the items I tried personally, the eggs were beautiful for a quick scrambled eggs lunch, and the bread was still perfect for toast even a day after it had gone out of date.

The Pineapple Upside Down Cake was also delicious and I still obviously have plenty of time to use up that Fruit & Nuts Mix.

If you wanted to try the Morrisons Too Good To Go bag you'll get an eclectic mix of items but it will undoubtedly be worth it for the value it gives you.