As Christmas approaches, and we think about the season of peace and goodwill to all, we encourage everybody to consider the impact they have on animals.

Every year, around 14 million turkeys are farmed and slaughtered in the UK – the vast majority of them for Christmas dinners.

Most of these turkeys will have spent their short lives on a factory farm, where they are denied their basic needs.

There is rarely any natural sunlight, there is no grass, and premature death and disease is commonplace.

Animal Aid has uncovered the horrific conditions on turkey farms over the years, including on so-called ‘high welfare’ farms.

Regardless of whether these animals are farmed on factory farms or smaller 'high-welfare' farms, they always end up facing horrific and terrifying deaths at the slaughterhouse.

The good news is that there is a number of plant-based options available in supermarkets and from independent retailers, as well as a plethora of recipes online!

In fact, Animal Aid is offering a free digital copy of our Have a Very Vegan Christmas recipe booklet to anybody who wants to have a cruelty-free Christmas this year.

Show compassion for all animals this festive season and opt for a vegan Christmas dinner.

Those interested in learning more or receiving a free copy of our vegan Christmas recipe book can visit the website at

Tod Bradbury

Campaign manager, Animal Aid