J. J. Morris reports: Another large entry of lambs forward, with light lambs, especially, in great demand. A top price of 154.4p per kilo was achieved, and the overall market average being 140.63p per kilo. Once again, store lambs sold to a brisk trade, with the best peaking at £57.20, the overall average per kilo was 130.3p. Cull ewes sold well to a top price of £86, and averaging £49.50. A good number of calves forward, but the majority being of dairy types, the best continental bulls peaked at £240 and heifers £178.

Top prices: 154.4, 148.3, 148, 145.6 145.3 Rees, Penrallt Meredith, Eglwyswrw; 153.4 Marpole, 8 Brynhedydd, Mathry; 46.0 Jones, Blaencwm, Crymych.

Store lambs (74). £57.20 Childs, Ffynnongoch, Pencader; £44 Lewis, 3 Bridge Street, Llanychaer; £45 Davies, Cwmcoedog, Mydroilyn.

Cull ewes (223). £86 Jones, Clynmelyn, Dolgran Road; £60, £52, £51, £50 Morgan, Pencefn, Ferwig; £85 James, 102 Maesglas, Cardigan; £52 Jones, Blaencwm, Crymych.

Calves (48). £240, £230 (Lim) Williams, Blaenbarre, Rhydlewis; £158 £152 (Lim) Vaughan, Tynewydd, Boncath; £178 (BW) Griffiths, Penlan, Eglwyswrw.



J. J. Morris reports: An improved entry of good quality lambs was seen this week again selling to a good trade, which saw the best meated continentals peak at 151p/kg and the heavier weight lambs peak at £64.80/head. The medium weight lambs sold to an average of 140.02p/kg with the overall market average also at 140p/kg. Lambs (727).

Spring lambs p/kg. 37.50k 151p, 38k 149p, 39k 149p, Bryan, The Glen; 37k Williams, Natts Hook Farm 149p; 37.50k Williams, Pengwern Uchaf 148p.

Cull ewes and rams (330): A similar entry of ewes was seen this week selling to a good trade throughout with the greatest demand being for the heavier type ewes, which sold to an average of £47/head with the lighter ewes averaging £25/head. Top prices: £85, £57, £54 Codd and Lewis, Upper North Hill Farm; £80 Evans, Coedhirion; £76.50, £74, £63 Condell, Pantyglien.

Rams topped at £46 from Price, Penralltwen, with others selling at £43 from Hughes, Whitlow Hill. Wethers peaked at £52.50 from Roberts, Parke; with others selling at £52 from Thomas and Williams, Upper Leweston; £46 from Williams and Son, Treddiog Fawr. Cull cows (33): Another good entry of non TB tested cows was seen again this week, which included a good entry of quality continental cows from Jenkins and Son, Lower House Farm.

Cows sold to a good trade with the overall average at 87.63p/kg, a 10p/kg increase on the previous week. Prices p/kg and £/head peaked at 115p/kg and £830 for a 720 kilo Friesian from Jenkins and Son, Lower House Farm.

Other leading prices p/kg: Lim 695k at 112p, Lim 630k at 110p, BB 650k at 108p, Lim 625k at 107p, Lim 680k at 106p, Lim 720k at 106p, Lim 730k at 105p Jenkins, Lower House Farm; Char 665k at 108p Williams, Talybont; Aberdeen angus 760k at 104p Biggs, Penhendre Farm.

Overage heifers (2): Two overage heifers sold to an average of 109p/kg and £587/head with the top prices p/kg: Lim 540k at 115p, Char 530k at 105p Harris and Son, Ffosddu Fach.

Fat cattle (4): Heifers sold to an average of 129.86p/kg while steers averaged 131.92p/kg. Prices p/kg peaked at 139.50p for a 510 kilo Limousin heifer from Jones and Randall, Rhandir. Top price £/head was £796 for a 575 kilo Limousin steer again from the same vendor. Other leading prices p/kg: Lim (S) 575k at 138.50p, Hol-Fr (S) 510k at 124.50p, Hol-Fr (S) 510k at £634 Jones and Randall, Rhandir; Hol-Fr (H) 475k at 119.50p Nicholas, Dynaston.

Calves: Bull calves sold to a top price of £240 for a Limousin from Evans, Waterholmes Farm. Dairy bred bull calves topped at £44 for a Holstein Friesian from Davies, Ty-Coed Farm with other Holstein Friesians selling at £34, £28, £24, £18, £12, £10 from Thomas, Maes-y-Deri. Heifers peaked at £50 for a Hereford from Thomas, Ty-Coed Farm.

Haverfordwest Mart

September 15th

BJP REPORTS: Store Cattle (94) More cattle this week with a very good trade.

Lim heifers 24 months £695 Bevan Brynhir; Bel Blue heifer 16 months £610, Angus heifer 22 months £550 Thomas, Cant; Lim heifer 14 months £450 Richards, Goodwick; Char heifer eight months £465 Morgan, White House; Montbeliarde Heifer 19 months £500 Thomas, Letterston; Hereford heifer seven months £310 Owen, The Holmes.

Lim steers 11 months £470 Richards, Goodwick; Lim steers six months £495 , Sim steers six months £495 Luke, Letterston; Her steers 13 months £490 Lewis, Simpson Cross; Char steers six months £475 Morgan, White House.

Cull cows (10). Less cows this week but trade remains firm. Simmental cow £775 Luke, Letterston; Friesian cow £690 Richards, Fernhill; £685 Richards, Fernhill; £660 Williams, Maenclochog.

Calves (49) A much improved entry with some good strong calves on offer.

Lim bull £268 Adams, Little Rathe; Bel Blue bull £268 Owen, The Holmes; Bel Blue bull £255 James, Cotts Park; Friesian bull £138 Owen, The Holmes.

Newcastle Emlyn

September 15th

Dai Lewis Auctioneers report: Another good entry forward in all sections (302) despite the good harvesting weather, and with producers taking advantage of this to catch up on work. Barrens saw a fluid run throughout, with a lot more plainer types presented. Beef types topped at 134.0 pence and averaged at 95.4 pence, while dairies topped at 110 pence and levelled out at 80.3 pence. Store cattle and weaned calves sold to a slightly more selective trade, with an emphasis again on quality types commanding top prices. Cows and calves sold to a good trade.

Cows and calves overall average £877. £1,040 Howells, Lodge, Trelech, Carmarthen; £880 Davies, Blaengwenllan, Henllan, Llandysul; £710 Williams, Blaenbarre, Rhydlewis, Llandysul.

Barrens (71) overall average £542. £940 Jones, Penhill, Penrhiwllan, Llandysul; £890, £740 Pugh, Pencnwc, Pentrecagal, Newcastle Emlyn; £880 Higgin, Penlan, Llangybi, Lampeter.

Barren bulls overall average £658. £785 Evans, Troedyraur, Brongest, Newcastle Emlyn; £780 Rees, Tafarnscawen, Plwmp, Llandysul; £668 Davies, Crugcoy, Talgarreg.

Steers overall average £553. £840 £570 Phillips, Cnwcgwyn, Plwmp; £692 Davies, Nantclawdd Uchaf, Cwmduad, Carmarthen; £655, £622, £620, £585 Whitfield, Lancwm, Tregroes, Llandysul Heifers overall average £513. £615 Francis, Pantyrhebog, Felindre; £608, £490, £450 Whitfield, Lancwm, Tregroes; £560 Davies, Pantygronlwyd, Rhydlewis.

Young bulls: £650, £540 (3) Lewis, Nantsaith, Tregroes, Cardigan.

Steers overall average £649. £1,100 Rees, Pantrhedynen, Horeb, Llandysul; £842 (2), £828, £725, £685, £660 (2) Grodzicki, Llysywern, Pentrecwrt, Llandysul; £830 (2), £790 (2), £615 Belgrove, Aberdyfnant, Llanfyrnach.

Heifers overall average £644. £892, £835, £828 Rees, Pantrhedynen, Horeb; £780, £724, £715, £640, £600 etc Thomas, Nantygelli, Cynwyl Elfed; £765, £680, £635 Howells, Lodge, Trelech.

Newcastle Emlyn

September 17th

Dai Lewis Auctioneers report: Another good entry forward in all sections. Lambs saw a steady run throughout with a level demand for all categories. Stores met another fast calling, and culls also saw a fluid demand from start to finish.

Leading Prices: 148.0 Jones, Penrheol, Cwmsychbant, Llanybydder; 143.3, 135.8 Moore, 4 Gwili Terrace, Llanpumsaint, Carmarthen; 141.7 Grodzicki, Llysywern, Pentrecwrt, Llandysul.

Store lambs overall average £42.58; £58 Jones, Penlanymor, Llanarth; £54.50 Davies, Moelfryn Mawr, Bethania; £53.50, £43.50 Griffiths, Blaenffynnon, Cynwyl Elfed.

Culls: Ewes overall average £42.06. £80 Lewis, Cwmnanteinon, Rhos, Llandysul; £67 Davies, Glanwern, Felinfach, Lampeter; £62.00 Moore, 4 Gwili Terrace, Llanpumsaint.