The National Botanic Garden of Wales has launched its own range of organic Welsh Black beef and rare breed lamb.

Raised on the species-rich grasslands of the 400-acre estate, farm manager Tim Bevan is promising a ‘unique taste sensation’.

Tim said: “The cattle and sheep you see grazing on the low hills on the other side of the Great Glasshouse and the lakes are our ‘active conservationists’, forming and farming the landscape.

“Without the cattle grazing away the coarse vegetation and young trees, these fields would quickly revert to woodland (ecologists use the term ‘succession’) and this would force out the flowering plants which need open grassland.

“These animals graze lots of grass and along with it all the herbs found in our species-rich pastures, giving them a very varied diet – and giving the meat a totally unique texture and flavour.”

The launch took place at nearby Y Polyn restaurant with about 40 specially-invited guests.

Welsh Black beef and lamb is on sale now from the garden. E-mail or call 01558 668768 for more details.