The Marylebone Cricket Club team that played against Aberystwyth University featured two players from Pembrokeshire.

Simon Holliday, of Haverfordwest and Jack Murphy, formerly of Cresselly, both did well in a victory for the MCC.

Holliday scored 45 and Welsh international Murphy, now playing ‘up the line’, scored 36 not out.

Both also had bowling stints, with Holliday’s leftarm spin earning him four wickets.

Murphy, despite playing the day before, produced a lot of pace and could consider himself unlucky not to take any wickets.

Joining them to watch was former Burton player and local GP Roger Burns, who has previously played for the MCC and is always eager to nominate talented local players to play.

“I am happy to promote Pembrokeshire players for MCC membership through playing,” said Roger, “and I hope clubs will contact me if someone is keen and willing to go through the ‘playing candidate’ process.

“Players need to commit to ten games minimum over two years, and so allowing for the weather this means applying for 16-20 games.

Most games are against schools, universities or representative teams and are of a high standard.”