SIX athletes selected from Strength Academy Wales formed part of a Welsh team of 18 to compete at the Celtic Nations event in Edinburgh last Saturday.

First to compete in the Under 17 division was Louis Thomas and James Hart, both producing outstanding displays with six out of six successful lifts and personal bests.

Louis (77kg body weight) achieved a snatch of 88kg, and clean and jerk of 113kg.

James (85kg body weight) recorded a snatch of 104kg, and clean and jerk of 120kg.

Next up Niamh Roach and Chloe Hood competing in the Under 20 category - and again both lifted well.

Niamh (58kg body weight) recorded a 53kg snatch and 68kg clean and jerk.

Chloe (69kg body weight) finished on a 63kg snatch and 80kg clean and jerk.

The final athlete, Daisy Melhuish (58kg body weight), competed in the Senior Age category. Another great performance saw her finish with a snatching of 63kg and clean and Jerking of 84kg.

Sadly, the sixth Pembrokeshire athlete, Anita Madan, was unable to compete due to injury.

Pembrokeshire coach Justin Head was Welsh Team Manager at the event, Simon Roach was Welsh Team Coach, and Stephen Donovan was a Welsh Team Technical Official.