For the team at All Wales Sport, the weekend starts on a Monday.

Checking all the week’s fixtures are listed correctly, amending kick off times, reacting to postponements – all form part of the five day build up that goes towards ensuring their Saturday service runs effectively.

Even then of course, the weather can play havoc right up until the 11th hour. Morning rain often means a frantic few hours checking what’s on and what’s off.

“Then from about 3.50pm onwards it’s all about phone calls, social media, and checking e-mails,” explained director Ellis Davies, who runs the service along with Andrew Lewis and namesake Jan.

“Then Ian and I will go over what we have and make sure everything matches up before its published. Our website is based on accuracy of information and we like to have it all updated correctly by 6pm.

“Of course we are reliant a lot on club contacts and sometimes mistakes are made on both sides. But not many.”

Indeed, All Wales Sport is now an integral part of sport in our country. For many players of team sports, not to mention journalists, it’s the go-to website for checking results, tables, and fixtures.

Although it was all quite different when the company started out at the turn of the century, and certainly not as comprehensive.

“For decades Ian had been a local sports reporter in Cefneithin who collected football and rugby results and wrote round ups for the local media,” explained Ellis.

“In my capacity as secretary of the Llanelli District Rugby Union (a role he still holds) I collected scores for second XVs. So we started working together and have done ever since.”

In 2002 they set up their West Wales Sport service. Football, rugby, and cricket results in that region were formulated together on a weekly basis, but soon teams from other areas were asking for their leagues to be covered as well.

Andrew, from Autographic Designs Ltd, and who was doing graphics for BBC Wales at the time, added his expertise as did the late Chris Smart, who was working with the Mid-Glamorgan Press. As the ‘computer world kicked in’, the quartet formed the All Wales Sport website and Ellis has noted how  behaviour of players has changed post-games.

“When I played my main concern after a game was being able to get a shower before the water was cold and then have a pint,” he said.

“Now the first thing players look at when they come off the field is their mobile phone – or their asking family members or friends what the scores elsewhere are.

“It’s not always easy as there is a big reliability on the accuracy of what we are told. Especially in rugby since bonus points have come in for tries scored. But clubs have been very helpful to us.”

The site has developed into a 24/7 service, but those envisaging a busy office or even a central meeting point for Ellis and Ian to work, are quite wide of the mark. The reality is far less romantic.

“We both work from home.

“When abroad I’ve edited it from places like China and the Falklands, and my youngest son, Paul, lives in Finland so I update it from there when I visit him.

“But the beauty of the site is that it is all data. We don’t have to worry about articles.”

In recent years the company have sought to give back to the teams and individuals that help them out, with the now annual All Wales Sport awards.

“It was an idea we had to say thankyou,” said Ellis.

“The people we invite and reward work tirelessly behind the scenes and deserve special recognition. And we make sure there is a range of awards to highlight the importance of sport for all – male, female, mixed ability teams and individuals – everyone.”

Indeed, last season when the WRU dubiously opted to scrap competitive women’s rugby below Premiership level, it was All Wales Sport who salvaged matters. They created their own competition and tables based on the results - and rewarded the winners with trophies.

“We felt the authorities had set up a competition based on a structure that made little sense,” said Ellis.

“So we came up with an idea and it went well. We held a presentation evening in Betws at the end of the season and the ladies and girls were presented with medals and cups, and they really enjoyed it.”

Of course, at this present time sport all over Wales is currently on hold. But Ellis and Ian aren’t the type to sit about twiddling their thumbs waiting.

They’re in the middle of their own virtual rugby championship tournament, compromising of 224 sides.

“We noticed that from the middle of March Twitter talk between clubs had dropped off – usually they are always communicating with each other. So we’ve created something to get that started again.”

Of course, when the live action gets back underway All Wales Sport will be at the ready, and the site continues to receive great backing from main sponsor to Castell Howell, who Ellis says provide invaluable support.

“Soon as games start up again it will be business as usual,” said Ellis.

No one who plays team sport in Wales would have doubted that.