Peter Bradshaw has chosen what he thinks is the best Tish side since 2000 - and it wasn't easy.

"When Bill Carne first rang me and asked me to do a team of the best players that have played for the village in the last 20 years I immediately thought of the Harrison-Allen Bowl and Pembrokeshire first division double winners of 2007.

"As time went on, I started to think of all the players that have played in the last 20 years and I thought that I may have to have a proper think about this.

"I apologise now if I miss anyone; Karl ‘Reggie’ Rhead only came back to us late in his career and Paul Hood only played a season but took 35 wickets in that season so both great players but I have only picked players who have played two seasons or more in the first team. 

"I have played cricket long enough to know that I should have picked 11 players plus a 12th man but I have gone for a 15-man squad – call it a touring team."

Steven Williams

Known for his naggingly accurate off spin; very rarely would he concede over 25 runs in his 12 overs but also picked up wickets along the way.A fierce competitor and very good with the bat – ‘Willsy’ loved a battle! The angrier he got the better he played! He’s my opener and he can take the strike.

Peter Bradshaw (wkt)

Need someone to play through backward point and gully for 30 overs to keep the slips interested and keep Willsy calm!

Jonathan Pawlett

Arguably one of the best batsmen in the county around 2007; so destructive, as was highlighted in the final in 2007 when he scored 80 odd (in the rained off game) and 90 in the re-match.Very good bowler and fielder too, probably wouldn’t have to bowl much in this side though ‘Piggo’ comes in at three and the field spreads!

Philip Cockburn

Keen as they come, a top left-handed batsman who scores quickly when he gets in. We are still waiting for Phil to hit a big one but don’t think it’s far away. A vital player for us at the moment and current captain.Time for a left hander to get the field shifting around, get Phil in at No 4!

Stewart Kimpton

Stewart came over from Melbourne, Australia, working on building South Hook LNG and was a really handy addition following the exit of Steve Wills in 2005. ‘Kimpo’ could bat and bowl and was super keen and competitive like most Aussie’s, I suppose.He was very consistent and improved with every season so a perfect No 5.

Andrew Williams

'Mr Cricket’ of Tish, with not many times you would throw the ball to Andrew and he wouldn’t make something happen - and always reliable down the order to steady the ship after one of our legendary batting collapses.  He said last year was his last season and we will miss him massively!  Andrew in at No 6!

Andrew Salter

What can you say? ‘Salts’ has gone on to play for Glamorgan after playing for us in the first team at 13 - batting and bowling straight away, culminating in him scoring 100 plus runs in the Harry Alley final at the age of 14! He was a great talent, even at that age.I doubt if he played for us now he would be down at 7 but ‘Salts’ is there for this!

Andrew Palmer  

A top Pembrokeshire all-rounder over many years, scoring plenty of important runs in the middle of the order for us. ‘Palms’ wass a fantastic bowler who put his heart and soul into every delivery.Took stacks of wickets but he could have had so many more, I have never seen anyone pass the bat as much as this big-hearted stalwart.

James Salter

Supremely accurate and quick bowler and could bat a bit too.Always felt if he could have been more aggressive he would have had taken more wickets but he was too nice a fella. He seemed to be able to put the ball wherever he wanted.Her suffered an unfair amount of injuries, but James still in at No 9.

Daniel ‘The Enigma’ Flynn  

Where to start. Great off spin bowler who is from a very similar mold to Steve Wills. Again very accurate and fairly quick through the air, making him difficult to get away.Flynny’s problem was that he always wanted to bat! The joker in the team is in at 10.

Andrew Pawlett

A proper old school number 11 – 6 or out most of the time!He would be the fourthspin bowler in this team but I would not want to leave any of them out.Pol’s a great bowler with 30+ wickets every season still to this day.He’s offered us something different with his left arm rippers in a team packed with spinners.

Daniel Howells

He really has come into his own the past few seasons and only just misses out due to the team being packed with all-rounders – technically solid batsman and a very important player for us now.He does like to turn the arm over occasionally.

Kristan Bennett  

‘Bennies’ played three seasons for us from 2002 to 2004, and anyone who has played Pembrokeshire cricket long enough knows what it’s like to face a fired-up Mr Bennett; great aggressive bowler and useful with the bat. A real competitor!

Brennan Devonald

‘Buckets’ has come of age since the departure of Palms and Deano. He really has stood up and progressed his bowling, getting better season on season. He’s also got potential to be a top all-rounder and is a fantastic fielder who never drops a catch (hence his nickname!).

Dean John

Only played two seasons with us but made a huge impact as a very aggressive quick bowler who upped his game to suit the occasion. Could also bat but preferred to try and hit maximums.

"I would also like to mention Keith Pawlett, who throughout these last 20 years has helped us out plenty of times, quite often with short notice.  The last of these only being a season or two ago at the age of 68, and no doubt would help again if required! 

"I would also like to thank my mum Wendy for scoring pretty much every game in those 20 years too and organising us all along the way!  Finally, Melbourne Williams has been great for doing the wicket and my dad Chris for doing the outfield.

"They have done a great job over the years!  Thank you all!"