Simon Matthews knows the history of Pembroke Borough AFC as well as anyone, having been at the club for 27 seasons.

He's still playing now, and fair to say he's perfectly placed to pick their side of the 21st century.

"I've been asked to put this team together as the longest member of the squad," he said.

"We have seen our fair share of ups and downs, but we are proud of the players who have worn the black and white shirt over the years.

Anyone who knows their Pembrokeshire football knows the Boro have had some amazing players over the years the likes of Frankie Donovan, Weaver Callen, Pat McQuillan and nobody can forget Chrissy Manning

"It would have been an impossible task to pick a team from all of the players that have grazed the slope at the London Road ground. However we have put together a team based on the last 20 years and I've made sure not to pick myself."


Great shot stopper, very agile, and was the self-proclaimed ladies’ man of the team. could of easily gone on to play for any team in Pembrokeshire if he hadn’t decided to serve his country. This was a position we never managed to fill convincingly after Gareth left.


Very quick, always seemed to get a tackle or a block in on the ball, wingers found it very difficult as when they thought they had space a leg would flick out and make the tackle. Had to give up playing far too early due to injury, still under 30 years old and we would take him back in a heartbeat


Known around Pembrokeshire as hot headed, but people didn’t give full credit to Sparrow. Very strong, very competitive (sometimes a little too much), but a good reader of the game and could spot a pass. Could of probably had a few more seasons but went overseas to work, he still sponsors the club every now and again and is sometimes seen in the pub after game having a pint.


One word, ‘machine’. Andy is one of the current players and will play in midfield or defence  - and is one of those players you don’t want to miss a game. Will run all day, and run through walls for the club. Easily the first name on the team sheet every week.


Deano sadly passed away a couple of years ago, he was someone who joined the club with me at 14 and he always thought he was 6ft tall but in all honesty he was knee high to most players. Always gave it his all and if the game went quiet there would be a cockney squawk of come on the Boro and then the sound of a hefty challenge.


One of the most skilful players to put on the shirt, would turn people inside out and would always get the cross right. looked like he had two left feet, but was very graceful when the football boots went on. Parsley could of easily played at a higher standard but didn’t have confidence in himself, great player who was naturally gifted and when he played well we usually won the game.


Unplayable on his day, played in the middle of the park and I don’t think he ever lost a 50/50. Gully had to stop playing due to disciplinary reasons but if he would have carried on playing there is no doubt the top Pembrokeshire clubs would have been chasing his signature.


Now a big shot at Merlins Bridge, Gaffer joined the club and changed the way it was operating. Brought some structure and with his experience he steadied the ship, ended up having to cut his playing days short at the club due to a back injury, but another player we would have at a heartbeat if he decided to put the boots back on. Gaffer is still part of the club and can be seen ‘nominating’ victims on our club WhatsApp group on a weekly basis.


One of two brothers that played for us at the same time, Guy could play anywhere on the left hand side of the pitch would sometimes shock with a pinpoint pass or an awesome cross (not often). Guy was one of those players who had a massive engine, would run all day up and down the wing, often scored late goals or set up late chances as he had usually worn down his opponent for 90 minutes and ended up hunting the mistake. Guy moved away some time ago, however the family tie is still there with his son Ashley managing the second team.


Current first team manager and can play everywhere down the middle of the park but made his name as a striker. Tended to be the target man but always had an eye for goal, has scored many important goals for us over the years. Due to his shot power its not unusual for him to smash one in from 40 yards, still knows where the goal is but tends to play at the back now.


Has been our top scorer for as long as I can remember, left for a season in the first division with Pennar Robins and finished top scorer there as well. Phil comes across as lazy but give him the ball and he usually makes things happen, can score a goal from nothing, and if he would have been available more this season I’m sure we would of not been relegated.



Pace to burn, problem is he thinks he is a striker when we all know he is a winger. In the squad for his work rate but he would last 90 minutes if he would save his breath for running rather than moaning. 


Another one of the Boro boys who was taken to early. Adam makes it in into the team based on his determination, often on the wrong end of a booking but this was usually down to his competitiveness to want the ball back. Hated losing and that sometimes created a little bit too much passion, he would make it in the team as his need to win would push everyone else to another level.


One of the new crop at the club, extremely skilful for a tall player knows where the goal is and would tell you he is a striker, but this season he has been playing in a midfield role. When he hasn’t been out the night before he can be unplayable, and no doubt will play at a higher level when he decides the time is right, I should mention Jason’s brother Andrew who also plays for us and was unlucky not to make it.

There are a few boys who were very close, Kieron Walton, Byron Woodward, Edgar Wallace, Niall Delaney, Damien Edmunds, the list goes on.


I believe the first lady manager in the Pembrokeshire League over 20 years ago, everyone in Pembrokeshire Sport knows Helen and Willie Matthews and what they do for the club. Helen successfully managed the team that won the Wiltshire Cup almost 23 years ago, with many people named in the squad above also playing in that team. Still acting as club secretary as well as cleaning the changing rooms, washing kit and litter picking before games.


Boro royalty, played Welsh League for the club and was my mentor growing up. After a few years away working, Chrissy came back to help with the club last summer - unfortunately he can't commit fully due to work but the pre-season training for the Boro was transformed in a short period. Everyone is hoping that we can return to training soon to make the most of Chrissy before he goes back overseas, it should be said that even now he could easily play at a decent level.


Always at the ground cutting grass or marking the pitch, was our dedicated linesman for many years with referees often saying he was the fairest they dealt with. We often got caught out because of his fairness on very tight decisions, he decided to hang his flag up last year so he could watch his grandson Cameron play, who this season made it into the first team.