Owain Picton hosted the annual President’s Day at Milford Haven Golf Club on Saturday – a fitting way to mark him playing for 40 years at the club.

The event involved a competition for the gents’ section plus guest, ladies and junior tournaments too.

The male members played for the President’s Putter with 62 taking part. Bert Tully, who was club President from 1940 to 1965 presented the putter to the club in 1960, with the winner of the first competition being W G Rees (Bill).

Owain provided an overall prize for the gents plus three prizes in the 0-14 and 15-28 categories, with the ladies being given three prizes for their winners plus three prizes for Owain’s guests.


On blustery day the winner was 10 handicapper Michael Roberts with an impressive 42 points. He beat runner Colin Fawcett and third placed Chris Day, both of whom also had 42 points, on back nine countback.

President’s Putter:

1, Michael Roberts 42 points

2, Colin Fawcett 42 points

3, Chris Day 42 points

4, Jeff Button 41 points

5, Ian Randell 41 points

Gents 0-14:

1 Colin Fawcett 42 points

2, Chris Day 42 points

3, Ian Randell 41 points

Gents 15-28:

1, Jeff Button 41 points

2, Ian Hicks 38 points

3, David Evans 37 points

The course standard scratch on the day was 38 points with adjustment to the following players handicap - Michael Roberts 10 to 9; Daren Skelhorn 5 to 6; Shaun Dyson back to 1; Andrew Windsor 12 to 13; Cliff Davidson 11 to 12.

In the two’s competition the kitty was shared by 15 players with eighteen two’s between them - Lyndon Brown (2), Shaun Dyson (2), David Humphreys (2), Jeff Button, Chris Day, Simon Nicholas, Kevin Bowen, Tim Phillips, Nathan Jones, Phill Davies, Richard Hull, Darren Rackley, Rob Davies, Leigh Evans, Gareth Phillips.

In the ladies’ section captain Cheryl Eva won the competition with an excellent 37 points.


1, Cheryl Eva 37 points

2, Margaret Hicks 32 points

3, Barbara Phillips 32 points

Course stand scratch on the day was 35 points with the following players having a handicap adjustment - Cheryl Eva 15 o 14, Diana Warlow 19 to 20.

In the two’s competition the kitty was shared by Cheryl Eva and Enid De-Wolf.

Owain invited 15 guests which included Mal Davies and Eoin MacDougal from Haverfordwest Golf Club and Andrew North from Tenby, with his remaining guests from his home club.

After completing the 18 holes the guests were treated to food from the Hake Inn and all players were thanked, as was Andrew Windsor for providing some prizes and for checking the cards.

Owain also thanked the green staff for the excellent condition of the course and then went on to announce the guest winners.

Guest results:

1, Simon Nicholas 41 points

2, Rob Davies 39 points

3, Gareth Phillips 38 points

In the two’s competition for the guests each two received a sleeve of golf balls donated by former Milford member Ken Edwards.

The five players with six two’s between them were as follows - Simon Nicholas, Mal Davies, Phil Davies, Rob Davies, and Gareth Phillips.

Club captain Tristan Carlson presented Owain with a bottle of Penderyn Whisky from all members.

Then on Sunday, the golf continued with the juniors playing for President’s Prizes. The junior mini course Challenge winner was Calum Bevans and the winner of the nine hole junior competition was Bleddyn Gibbs. Thomas Carlson won the 18 hole junior competition.