The RFU have now officially cancelled the 2020/21 amateur season.

The RFU Council confirmed yesterday that all Adult Competitive Leagues (Level 3 and below for Men, Level 2 and below for Women) would not be starting back up until the 2021/22 campaign at the earliest.

In a statement yesterday, they said: "We believe that, even if a return to full contact rugby becomes possible, playing a meaningful competitive league season resulting in promotion and relegation is no longer feasible.  "    

"Given the Government’s additional restrictions to curb the increase in COVID-19 cases in locations across the country, and growing concerns around travelling significant distances outside immediate localities to fulfil fixtures due to increased risk of transmission, the decision has been made now so we can provide clubs with some certainty for the remainder of the season."

WRU to follow suit?:

While no announcement has been officially made yet on non professional rugby in Wales, there is a growing feeling that the RFU measure is one the WRU will have little choice but to follow.

Currently clubs are forbidden from even training until November 9th, and there has to be a mandatory six week period of contact training before any competitive games can resume.

And with warnings of another national lockdown coming in Wales around January time, getting in any kind of league season currently seems inconceivable.

Friendly fire:

Hope will remain that clubs will be able to play some kind of matches before next summer, but if, and the word 'if' is becoming increasingly pivotal in this debate, Covid-19 does subside before the end of the scheduled season it is surely local friendlies that will take priority.

The concept of teams being allowed, let alone able to afford, to travel long distances on buses seems some considerable time away.

The concerns of the clubs are justified. The longer players are without action the more likely they are to drift away, especially with a now increased focus elsewhere on people's finances and job security.

Many have felt for some time that grassroots rugby in Wales has been living on borrowed time. 

Fot the WRU, and the clubs involved, to emerge from the crisis with minimal damage will not be easy.