THE A4076 road from Haverfordwest to Milford Haven is currently closed this evening, February 12, after a lorry with an excavator has become stuck under a railway bridge at Merlins Bridge, Haverfordwest.

Police and firefighters are currently in attendance, fire crews from Haverfordwest receiving the callout at 7.07pm this evening.

Police have stated the road is currently closed between Merlins Bridge and Dredgeman Hill at the railway bridge.

Diversions are in place via Tiers Cross or Pembroke Road.

Attempts are currently being made to move the lorry and its excavator cargo by deflating its tyres.

Western Telegraph:

Western Telegraph:

A small crowd has gathered to watch on the grassy bank on the McDonald’s side of the bridge.

An eyewitness said remedial attempts to free the stricken lorry and its cargo may have actually made things worse, with the crane catching on the underside of the railway bridge.

“It looks like they thought they could solve the problem by moving into the oncoming lane. Instead they got even more stuck and blocked both lanes.”

The A4076 Milford Haven road will be closed to all traffic between 7pm on Friday, February 15 until 6am on Monday, February 18.

The closure will be in place on a short stretch of road as it leaves the Merlins Bridge roundabout.

This is to allow the Milford Road railway bridge to be replaced as part of a £4.25million upgrade project Network Rail is carrying out.

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The lorry and excavator have now been freed, for a further report click here