I HAVE been both a Conservative and a Christian all my life.

My first political act was performed at the age of 5 in a cinema in 1945 when I booed Clement Attlee, the new Labour Prime Minister who had replaced Winston Churchill who had won the war for us.

Before that I was baptised into the Anglican Church at an even younger age.

In my early twenties my vicar introduced me to his son who eventually became my husband.

Around 12 years later we left Leicester and came to live in Pembrokeshire, where my husband’s grandfather had been Rector of our village church for 42 years, and where my husband had been evacuated during the War, as his father was a prison chaplain in Inner City London.

So, I feel I have a right to comment about the Bishop’s insulting remarks.

I have met the lady and had a conversation with her a few years ago. She seemed OK. But I fear that Pamela Hunt has not appreciated the harm she has done to the church, and to the struggle for women clergy in general to be tolerated (I have absolutely nothing against women clergy, by the way).

Even the Archbishop of Canterbury, Justin Welby, thought her remarks quite inappropriate.

And Europe: the problem is not with Europe; It is with the European Union.

I have attended sessions in both European Parliaments. It is my experience that most people do not know that there are two European Parliaments: one in Brussels and one in Strasbourg.

I am grateful for the chance to visit the delightful city of Strasbourg, but I think it is outrageous that so much money, millions, is wasted every month in packing up and going to Strasbourg.

I love visiting Europe, but the European Union is a different matter altogether. It is a good thing to be out of the EU and to be free of so many petty regulations and demands for our money.

In the meantime, I do hope that Joanna Penberthy will shut up.


Dinas Cross