IT’S already hard enough to park in Haverfordwest but now it’s got that bit harder as Pembrokeshire County Council announce they are revoking parking rights for the public in the town.

Residents will no longer be able to park in Cherry Grove, or at the car parks on Dew Street that used to serve the former library and swimming pool.

Four weeks ago Pembrokeshire County Council, which owns the site at the old library, announced purchase negotiations were currently underway for the site and advised that residents around the area seek legal advice over concerns about parking.

Tom Tudor, councillor for the ward of Castle where one of the parking areas is being lost, disagrees with the decision.

He told the Western Telegraph: “I shall be objecting to this situation.

“I shall urge that in the terms of the conditions on the sale of the site, there is a prerequisite that the residents and businesses of the surrounding post code areas are legally entitled to park in the car park.

“Should I be unsuccessful in my request, I call for the council to ensure the proposal will be considerate to those who were parking in the car parks.”

The library concerned with the parking closures has been derelict and up for sale since 2020.

Cllr Alison Tudor also objected to the decision to revoke rights of residents and locals parking on Cherry Grove, situated in the ward of Prendergast which she represents at the council.

“As county councillor for the Prendergast ward I shall be objecting to the proposals and urging officers of the authority to put in place a condition on the sale which allows local residents to continue to be allowed to park in the car park.”

There’s been issues over parking in the county town in recent weeks, with Lower Racecourse car park having been shut for the months of July and August.

Haverfordwest Town Council, in conjunction with Portfield Recreation Committee, shut the car park after local reports of anti-social behaviour on the site.

For further details on the proposal email

Objections should be made in writing and sent to Darren Thomas, Head of infrastructure, County Hall, Haverfordwest and dated 25 August. Deadline for submission is September 15.

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