An independent Pembrokeshire company will now see its coffee products stocked nationwide in a leading health and wellbeing store.

Vitamin Coffee, owned by Pembrokeshire-based coffee lovers Leanne Holder and Jacob Leaver, will have their coffee product on the shelves of Holland and Barrett.

The product, which gives people all their daily recommended vitamins in just one cup of coffee, had previously been pitched on Dragon’s Den, but did not get any investment.

Two of Vitamin Coffee’s blends are now available in most Holland and Barrett stores nationwide, and the online store.

Leanne Holder, co-owner of Vitamin Coffee said: “Vitamins are so important for your health; however, we notice that more often than not, they remain in the cupboard untaken! Coffee however is everywhere we look, and in most households is the first thing consumed in the morning. Combining both Coffee and Vitamins solves the problem.

Western Telegraph: The complete blend on the shelves at Holland and BarrettThe complete blend on the shelves at Holland and Barrett

“The product itself is great for absolutely anyone that wishes to increase their health and wellbeing. It is a premium product that will help support and maintain a fit, active and healthy lifestyle."

Their unsuccessful Dragon’s Den bid did not deter Leanne and Jacob from reaching their goals, and pushed on with the product without any external investment.

“We believed in the product so much, and we knew that it had potential. Even when we didn’t gain investment from the Dragons this didn’t hold us back; we do not quit. Going to our local Holland and Barrett and seeing Vitamin Coffee is an amazing feeling.”


Holland and Barrett are stocking two of the most popular blends: complete and defence.

Complete is a high-grade blend of 14 essential vitamins and minerals which provide convenient and complete nutritional support 

Meanwhile, defence is a high-grade multivitamin blend that is rich in Vitamin C and D which help keep your immune system strong. 

Western Telegraph: Jacob with the complete blend outside Holland and BarrettJacob with the complete blend outside Holland and Barrett

Leanne added: “With the upsurge in people becoming unwell from the likes of Covid and common colds, now is the perfect time to increase your vitamin intake to guarantee that you are doing all you can to ensure your body is fighting fit and ready to tackle any and all illnesses.”

Vitamin Coffee is available to purchase from Holland and Barrett stores and online, Amazon, Yumbles and

Western Telegraph: Leanne with the complete blend Leanne with the complete blend