It’s official, Pembrokeshire has the cheapest fuel in the UK. But where else can you fill up for less if you don’t live near to Narberth?

Pembrokeshire Petrol Price Watch’s weekly roundup of the top ten cheapest places in Pembrokeshire for petrol and diesel, compiled by member John Durham, reveals where you can save your pennies at the pumps.

Top Ten Petrol Standard Unleaded E10

No. 1 - 129.9p: East Gate, Narberth.

No. 2 - 136.7p: Victoria Garage, North Road, Milford; Asda, Pembroke Dock.

No. 3 - 136.9p: Tesco, Milford Haven; Kiln Park, Tenby.

No. 4 - 137.9p: Robeston Wathen.

No. 5 - 138.9p: Crymych; Tesco, Pembroke Dock; Begelly/Kilgetty; Green Garage, Pembroke; Crossways, Neyland.

No. 6 - 139.9p: Tesco, Haverfordwest; Morrisons, Haverfordwest; Pelcomb; Johnston; Ocean Haze, St Davids; Letterston; Square and Compass.

No. 7 - 141.9p: Fishguard Pendre Garage No. 8 - 142.9p: Eglwyswrw ; Gernant Garage, Maenclochog; Texaco Garage, Withybush.

No. 9 - 144.9p: Dinas Cross.

No. 10 - 145.9: Lamphey, Glandy Cross, Nr Clunderwen.

Top Ten Standard Diesel B7

No. 1 - 129.9p: East Gate, Narberth.

No. 2 - 133.9p: Kiln Park, Tenby.

No. 3 - 135.9p: Begelly/Kilgetty.

No. 4 - 136.9p: Crymych.

No. 5 - 137.9p: Robeston Wathen.

No. 6 - 138.9p: FiveWays, Tenby.

No. 7 - 139.9p: Gernant, Maenclochog; Crossways, Neyland; Green Garage, Pembroke.

No. 8 - 140.7p: Victoria Garage, North Road, Milford.

No. 9 - 143.9p: Glandy Cross, Nr Clunderwen.

No. 10 - 145.7p: Asda, Pembroke Doc.