Three Pembrokeshire towns have been rated among the worst in west Wales by a viral vlogger, with one of them being rated the absolute worst town in the three counties of Pembrokeshire, Ceredigion and Carmarthenshire.

Turdtowns is a Youtube channel that its maker says brings you the lesser-known places in the uk for good but more often than not the bad.

It looks at some of the most horrible spots in the UK, visiting them, filming them and looking at crime rates and property prices.

The video maker says he loves west Wales but that it can’t be denied there are some ’massive logs of turd’ in the area.

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At number four in the eight worst towns in west Wales was Pembroke Dock, described as ‘some sort of deformed half cousin of Pembroke’.

Western Telegraph: Pembrokes Dock was rated fourth worst in West Wales by Turdtowns

“It’s a bit of a depressing place,” says the video which has already had 108,000 views. “The only reason that people ever come here is when they mix it up with Pembroke.”

Turdtowns goes on to say that the town is ‘known throughout Wales as a dump’.

"Everybody here looks miserable like they are trapped here and this is all they have ever known which probably would explain their sorrowful expressions,” says the video.

Everything is just so polluted and grimy here…the place just isn’t normal.”

The video even slams the Cleddau Bridge as an ‘ugly 60s style bridge made out of bleak grey concrete and completely lacking in any character’.

“It actually suits the area really well. It adds to the emotion you feel when you visit here,” it says.

The second worst town in West Wales is revealed to be Milford Haven.

“Don’t let the name of this place fool you,” says the video. “It’s far from a haven. It’s one of the most depressing places you could ever visit.

“Try to avoid Milford if you can,” says the vlogger. It’s a bit like Barrow-in-Furness or Blythe but worse because it’s smaller and there is much less to do there so the people are all bored and they are all looking for a fight.”

Western Telegraph: Milford Haven was ranked second worst  in West Wales by Turdtowns

He adds that the town is ‘filled with crime’ and ‘one of the toughest places in Wales’. 

“This is one place that you won’t find people from England flocking to buy a second home,” he sayd. “There is nothing to see or do here and at the same time you have to endure one of the ugliest towns in existence.

“You have to feel sorry for anyone who is stuck here. It feels like life is pointless when you spend time in Milford Haven.”

Top of the list of worst Welsh towns is Haverfordwest described as a ‘shock to the system’.

“The town has seemingly given up and lost any importance it might have once had,” says Turdtowns “Smashed up buildings and homeless people are all over this town. It’s just a miserable place.”

He adds that the shopping is ‘appalling’ and draws attention to the fact that the town’s High Street was recently ranked the eighth worst in the whole of the UK.

The vlogger admits that Haverfordwest is better ‘down by the waterside’ but ‘by the time you have seen that you have already formed your opinion and you hate this place’.

“On paper is should be nice here; it’s in one of the nicest counties in the UK, it has a river running through it, a castle in the centre and plenty of ancient buildings,” he says.

Western Telegraph: Haverfordwest was ranked as the worst town in West Wales by Turdtowns.

“In other parts of the UK this would be seen as a tourist destination which is why it’s laughable just how much Haverfordwest has failed.

“Most kids can’t wait to get out of this hell hole and never come back.

I’d give it a miss. It’s hard to say anything positive about the town. It’s a surprisingly bad place, half of it needs condemning, cleaning, fumigating and its status as a county town needs removing.”

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