Pembrokeshire residents, have hit back at a viral vlog's criticisms of three of the county’s towns  which rated them among the worst in west Wales.

Local voices are uniting to highlight the area's strengths and many agree that towns like Milford Haven, Haverfordwest, and Pembroke Dock possess a commitment to community and many other positives that overshadow any respective shortcomings highlighted in the Turdtown's vlog.

Michele Wiggins, County Councillor for Bufferland, Pembroke Dock, told the Western Telegraph:

“Pembroke Dock is a wonderful town full of history and lovely buildings. We have two accredited museums the Pembroke Dock heritage centre and the Maritime Museum.

“We have thriving cricket, football, golf, bowling and rugby teams involving a wonderful community. A wonderful view at Hobbs point to the estuary and the wonderful gun towers where one has been converted into a home.

“It also links on the to the Pembrokeshire coast path with the Pembrokeshire Coast National Park’s offices here.”

Cllr Wiggins added that Pembroke Dock has some lovely shops, coffee houses, restaurants and large supermarkets as well as a regular ferry service going to Rosslare, lovely places to worship in wonderful buildings and a Port Places trail.

“One of our claims to fame is the Millennium Falcon was built in one of the hangars here as were many barges and ships at the Dockyard,” she said.

“We have a beautiful golf course here with clubhouse, many parks and a wonderful community.

“We have lovely community halls and the VC gallery supporting veterans and community and we have our own fire station.

“You will also find here some of the friendliest people you know.”

Like Cllr Wiggins, many others have also sprung to the defence of the three Pembrokeshire towns.

Western Telegraph: Readers have sprung to the defence of three Pembrokeshire towns branded some of the worst by a viral vlogger. Readers have sprung to the defence of three Pembrokeshire towns branded some of the worst by a viral vlogger. (Image: Aaron Clayton/ Western Telegraph Camera Club)

Former mayor of Milford Haven, Kathy Gray, said: "I love Milford, agree we don’t have a lot. Unless you live here you wouldn’t understand how we look out for each other. We put the unity in community. “We have our heritage and no one can ever take that away."

Readers highlighted the three towns’ history, hospitality, natural beauty, and a thriving sense of community spirit with one saying that they had ‘met some of the kindest, friendliest people you could hope to find in the three Pembrokeshire towns this rather silly vlogger has denigrated’.

Despite the Turdtowns blogger’s criticisms, locals proudly affirmed their love for their hometowns.

Western Telegraph: Withybush woods, Haverfordwest (Western Telegraph Camera Club)Withybush woods, Haverfordwest (Western Telegraph Camera Club) (Image: Chrissie Hodges)

Christine Anita Roberts said: "I was born in Milford Haven, grew up in Haverfordwest and now live in Barrow-in-Furness.

"Nowhere is perfect but they all have fascinating histories, still have some beautiful buildings and are great places to live."

Others stressed the historical significance of the towns, the warmth of the people and the possible tourism opportunities that lie unexplored.

Western Telegraph: It looks great to us! It looks great to us! (Image: Rosemary Rees/ Western Telegraph Camera Club)

Laura Requena said: “I actually love a trip out to Milford, love walking along the quayside. Looking at the boats in the marina. Lovely views as you drive along the promenade. I can never get why folk are so down on Milford.

“As for the Dock, I’ve worked there and met some or the warmest kindest residents there "Both Milford and Pembroke Dock have the most beautiful buildings and fascinating history. It’s awful they are just redundant. I’m not sure who owns all the old admiralty buildings. It would be lovely if there were funds to turn into some sort of heritage quarter."

Despite the various economic challenges, Pembrokeshire's residents remain steadfast in their commitment to their towns.

Western Telegraph: Beautiful Milford Marina (Image: Jason Davies/Western Telegraph Camera Club)Beautiful Milford Marina (Image: Jason Davies/Western Telegraph Camera Club) (Image: Jason Davies/ Western Telegraph Camera Club)

"We do not need this negativity,” said Jeanette Spiers. “I live in Milford Haven and I’m proud to live in Milford Haven; the people are friendly, there is cinema, theatre, water sports, great places to eat and rail links."

Tracy Olin simply added: "All of Pembrokeshire is amazing and I feel privileged to have lived in Milford coming up to 20 years."

SK defended all three towns and while they admitted that Haverfordwest has become run down, said that there is plenty of good there too.

“Interesting independent traders, a passionate community to advocate for it, a rich and fascinating history with important historical buildings, and it has good transport links to the rest of the county.”