A TEENAGER has told a jury that it is “not possible” that a man touched her in a sexual manner “accidentally” while giving her massages.

Kevin Offland is accused of sexually assaulting two Pembrokeshire teenagers – both between the ages of 14 and 15 at the time – under the guise of giving them massages.

Offland, 45, of Nichols Road in Great Yarmouth, is accused of 13 offences of sexual activity with a child relating to the two girls, and one offence of causing one of the girls to engage in sexual activity when she was 14 years old.

He also faces three charges of rape and one of rape of a child - each involving separate complainants. 

The allegations are said to have taken place in the Pembrokeshire and Shrewsbury areas and date back to 1998.

Offland denies each of the charges.

At Swansea Crown Court, the jury heard evidence from one of the teenagers Offland is alleged to have sexually assaulted.

Nicola Powell, defending, said: “The defendant’s case is that he denies that he touched you inappropriately in any way.

“What the defendant does accept is that there were occasions where he would give you massages – referred to as relaxation lessons – and he also accepts there were occasions he applied fake tan to your body.”

Ms Powell suggested that Offland would massage the girl’s back down to the base of her spine.

“He did the whole bum,” the complainant replied.

When asked why she did not ask the defendant to stop, she said: “He’d throw a tantrum, probably. That’s the sort of person he is.

“When he tried making me wear a bikini, he had a go at me as I didn’t want to wear a small one.”

She told the jury that Offland would make comments about her underwear – referring to them as “granny pants”.

“He said no guys would want me wearing granny pants,” she said.

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The complainant was asked about Offland applying fake tan to her.

“The defendant’s case would be that if he did touch the complainant’s breasts or vagina, it was  accidental,” Ms Powell said.

“It wasn’t accidental,” the complainant replied.

The complainant was asked why she didn’t tell anyone about the allegations sooner.

“I just didn’t feel comfortable. I didn’t know what would happen,” she said.

The court heard that the complainant stopped getting massages from Offland after he used a vibrating massager on her and made sexual comments about it to her.

“I wrote a letter to my mum as I didn’t want to say it in words,” she said. “It only said I was uncomfortable as I was insecure.

“I didn’t actually tell her [the allegations] at that point.”

The court heard that the police were made aware after the complainant reported the allegations to a family member.

The trial continues.