POLICE found a knuckleduster lying on the coffee table when they raided a cocaine dealer’s home.

Simon Williams was at home when officers raided his home on Woodland Close in St Florence on March 6.

Prosecutor Sian Cutter said that the police found a knuckleduster on his kitchen table and a cannabis joint on the bedroom cabinet.

“Under the kitchen sink, a black tray contained two bags of what was thought to be cocaine, but was later found to be creatine and bicarbonate of soda,” she said.

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When Williams’ phone was analysed, officers found messages dating back to March last year showing his involvement in dealing cocaine to about 20 customers.

Ms Cutter said Williams had messaged people saying he had “flake” and “bash” – both referring to cocaine – for sale, and he also referred to “preparing baggies” and that he “had a stash”.

Williams denied in interview being a drug dealer, insisting that he was a user of cocaine and cannabis and that the knuckleduster was “for decoration only”.

The court heard that Williams, 41, had 11 previous convictions for 14 offences.

He had previously admitted being concerned in the supply of cocaine – but only on the basis that he used cocaine to alleviate a head injury and sold some to friends to fund his usage.

However, the prosecution rejected this basis that further phone evidence showed he had been dealing to around 20 people.

Williams then fully accepted being concerned in the supply of cocaine, as well as possession of cannabis and possession of the knuckleduster.

“It’s clear that only an immediate custodial sentence can be imposed,” defence counsel Dan Griffiths said.

“The defendant’s involvement in drugs began many years ago with the use of cannabis.”

Mr Griffiths said that Williams was introduced to cocaine by others due to the prevalence of the drug in the area.  

He said the defendant funded his habit by dealing, with his expansion in to selling cocaine marking “an escalation” in his offending.

Judge Huw Rees jailed Williams for two years and four months for being concerned in the supply of cocaine. The defendant received no separate penalty for the cannabis possession and possession of the knuckleduster.