Music fans can now create a DNA chart with their favourite artists on Spotify and here’s how to do it.

Spotify users on TikTok are sharing their own music DNA charts and they’ve even posted tutorials so others can give it a go.

The new trend is easy to get involved with and the DNA strand can be customised with a colour theme.

Here’s how you can create your own Spotify DNA chart.

How to get your own Spotify DNA chart

To begin making the DNA chart, Spotify users need to head to a third-party website called n-gen art and link their Spotify account, TikTok user @valorienicole explains.

The website says music fans can “turn your favorite artists into a sequence of Spotify traits with a rarity score to highlight the uniqueness of your top artists.”

It's important to note that it's unclear whether the website used is safe and if your account is secure when using it.

The DNA strand can be customised by the user with the option to name it and change its colour scheme.

The time period the data is based on can also be changed.

When the strand is ready, the name of the chart will be shown at the top left along with the rarity score.

@valorienicole Replying to @Noah  You have to give permissions for the site to view your spotify history and you should be all set! You can change the name of your dna thread, the colors, and the period of listening time it bases it on!#spotify #spotifyngen #spotifydna ♬ IDC AT ALL - Lauren Sanderson

It also breaks down your music data in categories on the left-hand side of the chart including danceability, energy, mood, instrumentalness, acousticness and wordiness.

In the middle, you’ll see a DNA strand with emojis that represent the categories of the music you listen to.

On the right-hand side of the DNA chart is a list of your favourite artists that you listen to on Spotify.

When it’s ready, you can save it and share it on your social media accounts.

One user commented on the tutorial asking about the website accessing their other data within Spotify and @valorienicole also shared how to turn the permissions off.

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To do this, Spotify users will need to use a browser to access their account, rather than the app.

They'll need to go to 'view account' and then 'manage apps' and scroll down to find n-gen-art.

It will have a green button next to it that says 'remove access' - this should be clicked to turn the permissions off.