WESTERN Telegraph readers having been reacting angrily to the news that Withybush's Special Care Baby Unit is to close.

After months of petitions, campaigning and protests by people in Pembrokeshire, the health minister announced today that SCBU is to go. Preseli Pembrokeshire MP Stephen Crabb and Paul Davies AM have said it's a move that will put lives at risk.

Readers have been venting their anger on our Facebook page. Here are some of the things they have had to say:

CIARA LOUISE HARWOOD: “It’s disgusting.”

VICKY SHEIBLE: “Absolute disgrace”

KIM ROBERTS said: “Hope the people who have decided this can't sleep at night knowing innocent babies will die on there way to Carmarthen!”

CLAIRE PHILLIPS said: “And there you have it... say goodbye to Withybush Hospital because the cascade effect as a result of this decision will be catastrophic...it's a sad day for Pembrokeshire.”

SAMANTHA OSBORNE said: “Still watching it on Senedd.tv It's a total disgrace. The Health Minister say's paediatric's and A&E will continue as it is, consultants will remain in place until the midwife led unit is fully established and "matured", what about the pressure on the Air Ambulance? I don't believe a word of it. It's shocking!”

PETER ZAC SCAMMELL: “So people now have to travel at least 40 minutes to Carmarthen rather than Carmarthen travelling up to 20 minutes to Swansea. #WelshAssemblyLogic”

LISA ROBERTS: “Money before babies lives so wrong. How do they sleep at night?”

MARTIN THOMAS: “So when you have to get to Carmarthen in a emergency and there are no ambulances available, will the health authority pay your fines or worse case (which I hope never happens) pay for the funeral of the poor person who has passed away while trying to get there?”

KARA LEWIS said: “I take it public opinion counts for nothing then? So much for democracy!”

MICHELLE EVANS said: “How are parents on low incomes going to get back and forth and how will they get the emotional support from family members if they need the SCBU? It's disgusting.”

ZOE DAVIES said: “ Money, money, money all the time isn’t it! I honestly though lives were more important.”

SAMANTHA OTHEN: “That's absolutely awful. Carmarthen is just too far as the next hospital. This is risking lives of both mothers and their new babies!"

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