Turbines are false promise

9:17am Friday 24th October 2014

Many people in Pembrokeshire will be aware of wind turbine applications that have been rejected by large numbers of local residents, the Pembrokeshire Coast National Park Authority, local community councils and the Pembrokeshire Planning Authority, only for appeals by the developers of wind turbines to be upheld by the Planning Inspectorate in Cardiff.

Too much to expect?

9:15am Friday 24th October 2014

I refer to the recent letter in your column from the leader of the Plaid Cymru Group in the County Council.

Dancing to UKIP tune

9:12am Friday 24th October 2014

Regarding your story ‘Plaid says the six-day standstill law must go’.

Values a shambles

9:10am Friday 24th October 2014

My fellow citizens of Pembrokeshire - our county of Pembrokeshire seems to have been run by a bunch of obstructive, selfish individuals that have not run this county the way it should have been run.

Throwing polictics into the ring

10:35am Wednesday 15th October 2014

THERE is nothing so sure to start a debate by throwing politics into the ring of agenda.

Restoring credibility to council

10:33am Wednesday 15th October 2014

BELIEVE the following is what most of the public would want to restore some form of credibility to PCC: l New council elections to be called within three months.

Government promises

10:32am Wednesday 15th October 2014

NEW car sales this year have been the highest on record.


10:31am Wednesday 15th October 2014

I AM writing to ask readers of the Western Telegraph to join me in nominating people that they think should be recognised with a Welsh Government St David Award.

Waste not

10:30am Wednesday 15th October 2014

BELOW is a letter written to the County Council in response to their information on food waste: Thank you for your info on food waste, (a stapled four sided card booklet)!

Save energy and more

10:29am Wednesday 15th October 2014

YOU reported (September 24) that Pembrokeshire County Council is asking the public for money-saving suggestions.

Shocked to the core

12:32pm Thursday 9th October 2014

ON Thursday morning I opened a letter received from Pembrokeshire County Council, unexpected and unknowingly, to be advised of the prospect of a possible increase in my council rent of almost £20 per week to be implemented in April 2015.

It wasn't here

12:31pm Thursday 9th October 2014

WITH reference to last weeks letter “Sad Closure”

Full story

12:30pm Thursday 9th October 2014

I AM writing to you in response to an article in last week’s edition.

Utmost need

12:29pm Thursday 9th October 2014

I AM currently attending the Cancer Day Unit. Since Dr Anne Barnes retired, we are left in a state of flux.

Big comfort

12:28pm Thursday 9th October 2014

I WOULD like to say through your, paper my heartfelt thanks to Pat James, cremation assistant at PARC Gwyn for the hard work she has done in tracing the last resting place of babies in the county who were stillborn.

Years of destruction

12:28pm Thursday 9th October 2014

AS one of the persons involved in the commissioning of our Withybush Hospital in the early 70s, I find it so sad to see the facilities we fought for whittled away. Many will remember the fight for Paediatric beds, for the title of General Hospital, and for a full range of facilities.

Referendum affects us all

10:56am Wednesday 1st October 2014

THE apparent underestimated impact of the recent Scottish referendum not so much on Scotland, but the whole nation, is not in line with the views of the vast majority of the people not only Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland, but England as well.

Wales Universities in memoriam

10:55am Wednesday 1st October 2014

HARD times lie ahead for Wales’ universities if the Higher Education (Wales) Bill currently before the National Assembly is enacted.

Slurry plan concern

10:54am Wednesday 1st October 2014

I REFER to the report in the edition of September 17, about the slurry site discussed at the Pembrokeshire Coast National Park Development Committee meeting on September 10, where it was reported Mr Daniel Harries said he had ‘overwhelming support’ for his planning application to expand his herd from 540 to 860 cows and build a new slurry lagoon.

Sad closure

10:53am Wednesday 1st October 2014

RE: The closure of the Royal Oak, Fishguard.

SOS praise

10:52am Wednesday 1st October 2014

AS a regular reader of your paper I have been struck this year by the large number of times - usually three or four per week - that brave, skilful and devoted people, on sea and land, have had - often not doubt at some risk to themselves - to rescue people from potentially very dangerous situations that should never have occurred.

Turbines: It's us who will be affected

10:02am Wednesday 24th September 2014

AS THE closest community to the proposed development (wind farm, Rhoscrowther) and asking on numerous occasions regarding the impact that the noise created by the proposed turbines will have on our community, and again asking for proper independent sound monitoring to be carried out on the green around which our properties are situated, only to be brushed off with answers like you will not hear it, to the fact that from the noise monitoring they have already undertaken shows that the noise will not be a problem, we as a community feel we must now insist that proper independent sound monitoring be undertaken on our green as a matter of urgency.

Tourist issue

9:59am Wednesday 24th September 2014

RE: Proposed developments at Velindre Farm, St Nicholas.

Consider it carefully

9:54am Wednesday 24th September 2014

THE plan to give more “powers”

Battle just beginning

9:52am Wednesday 24th September 2014

NOT least re-invigorated by the drama of Scotland’s Independence Referendum- I turned to my Constitutional Law text-books for reference and guidance. I followed the developing finale in the newspapers, on the radio and on television.

Medal query answers and heirloom

9:10am Thursday 18th September 2014

RE: Mystery over silver sailing medal deepens, Western Telegraph, September 3.

Great show by the people of Pembs

9:04am Thursday 18th September 2014

RE: The man in charge of Ironman Wales saying they have no plans to move the event from Tenby - readers have their say on our Facebook page: MAUDIE HUGHES said: “Great to hear! The comments from the athletes as they came through Carew on the bike, thanking spectators for their support were great to hear. One competitor said the crowds here are the best and it makes such a difference to them as they compete. Great show Pembrokeshire people!”

Tax help for older readers

9:02am Thursday 18th September 2014

MAY I ask that you advise your ‘older’ readers that as a registered charity we offer free professional help and advice to those with income tax queries or problems.

Cynllunio am well ddyfodol

9:01am Thursday 18th September 2014

MAE ble cawn ni fyw yn rhywbeth sydd yn berthnasol i bawb, ac yn fater pryder i nifer o bobl am amryw resymau.

Build county better future

9:00am Thursday 18th September 2014

OVER the past year we have seen several changes in all aspects of economic and personal lives that have seen a creeping cancer working its way through.

Hospital's inadequate parking

9:00am Thursday 18th September 2014

I HAVE decided to ‘host’ a campaign to publicise the woefully inadequate parking at Glangwili Hospital.

Stunning situation as plan was first refused

9:20am Thursday 11th September 2014

MY WIFE and I are stunned that one planning inspector in Cardiff (Kay Sheffield) has the power to over-turn a decision that has been made and endorsed by the community council, the Local Planning Authority, the Pembrokeshire Coast National Park Authority and the overwhelming majority of the residents of the affected area (Sardis, Hill Mountain and Ashdale Lane).

Praise for floral town

9:19am Thursday 11th September 2014

WE are always reading letters criticising the dilapidated state of Haverfordwest, so may I for once give praise - for the wonderful flower arrangements around the bus station every year which are kept looking fresh all summer - diolch yn fawr. Also thank you to Eric Feetham and his helpers who do such a grand job for us here in Narberth.

Obvious it happens

9:18am Thursday 11th September 2014

DAVE Haskell (Letters, September 3) questions the capability of our local electricity networks to handle power generated by renewable energy schemes; he insists that they have only been designed and constructed for distribution “and not for the input from solar panels and, most worrying of all, from … wind generators.” He goes on, “one trusts that all large solar parks and wind farms are connected directly to the National Grid and not the local network.”

Generating comments

9:17am Thursday 11th September 2014

THE National Grid was set up to spread power across the UK and to guarantee security of supply. Generators bid to supply power, those who supply the base load and those who are contracted as standby generators. There is a market where the generators bid to supply the power, the lowest bidders then generate electricity for a given period.

Support your local traders

9:16am Thursday 11th September 2014

I READ with interest the letter from Helen Osman in your issue of September 3.

For peace and justice

9:15am Thursday 11th September 2014

ON behalf of a group of concerned persons, who held a ‘Vigil for Peace’ on the Guild Hall steps Cardigan on August 30, may I say a big thank you to all those individuals and groups who joined us, and signed petitions. It is most heartening to know that there are other people concerned at the reckless destruction, in the wake of the Military Industrial Complex that the ex-US President Eisenhower specificity warned us all against.

Obituaries for September 3 2014

12:42pm Wednesday 3rd September 2014

Daniel John Roch; Mrs B A Marsh; Mrs E M James; Mr K R Page; Mrs I M Edwards.

A number of points to make..

12:39pm Wednesday 3rd September 2014

I WRITE having just arrived back in the UK, and seen last week’s (August 27) edition of the Telegraph, and wonder if a letter might get published that seeks to address different matters at once....not in any order of importance, merely in order of presentation on page 64 of the above issue...

It is bound to end in tears

12:39pm Wednesday 3rd September 2014

WITH the advent of more and more solar panels plus the growing number of wind generators being connected to the local electricity network I fear the incidents of overloading will undoubtedly increase, resulting in possible brownouts and in the worse case power blackouts – especially in the more rural areas - have you had a power cut lately dear reader, and if so, have you been informed of the actual cause?

The view down under

12:38pm Wednesday 3rd September 2014

I WISH to congratulate you on the new web page: it is well set, clean, and visually most attractive.

A county that's going backwards

12:36pm Wednesday 3rd September 2014

WHEN I first started as a Local Government Officer more than 40 years ago, it was emphasized to me that you were employed to serve the local public, after all they were the ones paying your salary.

Who should you blame?

12:35pm Wednesday 3rd September 2014

RE: Pembrokeshire County Council.

Dying shame for a once bustling town high street

12:32pm Wednesday 3rd September 2014

I AM an old Pembrokeshire girl, ex Taskers living in London.

Age Positive

12:13pm Friday 29th August 2014

AGE Cymru is Wales’s largest charity for older people.

Royal Navy reunion

12:12pm Friday 29th August 2014

THANK you again local newspapers, like this one, for printing my letters about reuniting those who have served together in the Royal Navy.

Walks were great success

12:10pm Friday 29th August 2014

REPLY to Julia Benson from West Williamston concerning Haverfordwest Ghost Walks:-Thank you for commenting on the history walks organised by the historian and author Mark Muller and the costumier Sophie Dobson.

Enough dragging county through the mud

12:05pm Friday 29th August 2014

I COMMENT on the latest shenanigans of the Pembrokeshire County Council against a background of a lifetime associated with Local Government in this county.

Why such an outcry over change?

12:03pm Friday 29th August 2014

WHY does there seem to be such a public outcry against the development of a multiplex cinema in the Milford Marina (although perhaps it emanates from a small minority, I must suggest).

Future of the enterprise zone is in good hands

1:44pm Thursday 21st August 2014

SINCE my last report as chairman of the Milford Haven Enterprise Zone, I have been privileged to be asked to join the Government as a whip in the Lords. I am delighted, of course.

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