A CAT which used up one of its nine lives by narrowly escaping a horrific death in a crushing machine is now in safe hands.

Staff working at Haverfordwest’s civic amenity and recycling centre on Saturday morning (February 15) luckily noticed a sound coming from the cardboard crushing machine and found the fortunate feline inside one of the boxes.

Initial reports suggested someone may have accidentally or intentionally put the cat in the box, but it was later revealed that she had been hanging around the centre for a few days and was likely to have climbed in on her own accord.

A public appeal for the owner was made via Facebook, prompting hundreds of comments from concerned animal lovers across the county.

The pet, now lovingly nicknamed ‘Skip the cat,’ was later collected by volunteers at Greenacres Animal Rescue Centre.

One person involved in the rescue said: “A big thanks to the boys at the tip who saved Skip's little life and fed her for I think five day s. Boys you are the best."

Mikey Lawlor from Greenacres said: “She’s in an awful state. She’s very underweight with bad flea burden and covered in ticks. We are hoping that it is just lack of care and food that has left her like this.

“She is booked into vets this evening (Monday) for full check up.

“She is very sweet and friendly, and all being well we will be able to re-home her once she is well.”

If anyone would like to donate some food to ‘Skip’ or give a donation towards her care, visit www.greenacresrescue.org.uk or call the team on 01437 781745.