It has been such a busy time, every day I have gone to write my blog, and got side tracked! Summer is here, at least the holiday’s are! The weather isn’t so great, typical British summertime, inconsistent, wet but hot, a nightmare for planning days and activities with children! It is difficult juggling work and childcare, and I thank my family for helping me out where they can. Luckily, being self employed, I can choose my hours to fit in with my children.

I am managing to continue working through the holidays, I hold a Relaxation class at the Pembrokeshire Cancer Support Centre, in Pembroke Dock every Tuesday morning, and there are other weekly and monthly events held there. It is a wonderful place, offering support and information for anyone suffering with cancer, and their family and friends. The atmosphere is warm and friendly, and very welcoming. I strongly recommend anyone to contact the Centre if affected by cancer. Several of my clients are fighting cancer, and it really makes you stop and evaluate your own life. If you have your health, you have everything. Too often, we get caught up with what we don’t have, and what we yearn to own, and we forget that the basic gift of health is something that is not, unfortunately, enjoyed by everyone. To have good health is a complete blessing, worth more than any material goods. From good health you can build the rest of your life. What amazes me is the determination, and absolute resolve to beat their condition, from people suffering terrible illness.

It has been proven in scientific studies that positive thinking actually does have a huge impact on the recovery process, something that is not always easy when facing operations, treatment, and months of pain or discomfort. It is more important to focus on the here and now, rather than the distant future. Yet, many people do focus on the positive, and find a pinpoint of positivity to focus their thoughts on, and build from there. I have learnt so much from working at the support centre, and with people battling cancer. The support centre is an excellent place to go to gain positivity, and hear success stories from people who have lived – and are living with their condition. I guarantee you will come away feeling uplifted.

Enjoy time with your family and friends this summer, make the most of your time together, whatever the weather!