It's not long now to 2012 and that will bring with it the Queen's Diamond Jubilee and the London Olympics.

I could never understand the reasons by the non-English football associations of Great Britain, who were adamant that their players would not be playing in a Great Britain football team at the Olympics.

So I was pleased to see the photo of Gareth Bale wearing a Team GB Football shirt. Bale is one of the most exciting football players in the UK, at the moment and I am sure he will be there in the starting line up.

I hope Gareth Bale is the start of several players who will come forward and make themselves available for the biggest sporting event in the world and it's on home soil for the first time since 1948.

I maybe English myself and blinkered, but I am of the opinion that Wayne Rooney should be banned from playing for England because of his violent assault in the last match, where he got sent off. If anyone strikes someone in their work place, they would soon be fired on the spot.

I hope that in London 2012, we will have a Team GB football team, made up of the best players from all the home nations. If the FAW insist of keeping their heads in the sand and refuse to support a Team GB, they can always ban Gareth Bale from playing for Wales ever again and by announcing his availability, Gareth has announced where he stands on the matter and I am sure a few other top players in Wales and Scotland will now come forward.

Well done Gareth.

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