Our Government has voted against having a judicial enquiry to determine the way the Banks are conducting their businesses. Barclays have just been caught manipulating interest rates in favour of their own profits. This activity is insider trading, which is criminal under present law. It indirectly caused thousands of businesses to fold and millions of homes lost across the globe. I have just sat watching the live vote in parliament, and the subsequent result. It all pointed to that our government is well and truly in the big Banking/Corporation Pockets. We have the same manipulation on the commodity markets. You and I are being forced to pay coerced inflated high prices due to futures where speculators buy up Food Crops before they actually come out of the ground. Growers do not get a good price for their efforts and we at the end of the chain end up paying the speculators high prices for basic food stuffs. Multinational Corporations are bad news for everyone except for the companies themselves. They buy crops sit on them, causing artificial shortages (same with Oil) then when the price goes sky high they release the commodities at a premium price. There are too many middle men adding their premium onto our food and energy prices.

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