I UNDERSTAND that a soonto- be published inspection report by Estyn identifies continuing problems with safeguarding in Pembrokeshire.

Several officers have already fallen on their swords over this issue, but Councillor Huw George still retains his responsibility for children and young people.

It is clear from the views expressed by a number of headteachers that his presence in schools is welcomed.

However, the role of a county councillor is also to recognise problems and to have the courage to challenge where necessary.

The personal relationships which underpin so much of the work of the council and its officers do not fit well with the robust professionalism which is needed regarding the delicate issue of safeguarding.

When the safety of children is at stake a more detached professionalism is needed. Perhaps the time has come when being a ‘jolly good fellow’ is not enough and Huw George should consider very seriously whether Pembrokeshire now needs a candidate who can provide challenge as well as support.

ALISON PIERCE Vicarage Fields Pembroke