Re: Haverfordwest Tourist Information Office.

I HAVE learned that Pembrokeshire County Council, in its infinite wisdom, has decided to move the Tourist Information Office out of the town centre and relocate it to the temporary library behind the old Library in Dew Street.

Therefore, I would raise the following observations: 1) Why would a tourist want to walk or drive halfway up Dew Street, and then try and find the temporary library, to access any Tourist Information regarding the town? Just how many strangers would call into the local library in a town they had never visited in any event?

2) May I ask why did I bother to complete a Pembrokeshire County Council form last year, regarding this proposed move, and giving my opinion as to how useless it would prove, when it is ignored (and I expect, all the others that were sent in)?

3) Is this what is known as ‘community consultation’?

4) Why is there no tourist information point in the town centre, where it can be easily seen?


Slade Lane