In reply to Mr. Mitchell's letter last week about global warming and climate change i wish to inform him and our readers of the true facts in which he is obviously in denial of.

1.Forget global warming,the Met Office and the University of East Anglia Climatic Research Unit has released new figures which show no warming for the past 15 years.Even the the former NASA Scientist James Lovelock is now agreeing with these figures.

2.Climate change is not man made,experiments at the CERN Laboratory in Geneva have supported the theory of Danish physicist Henrik Svensmark that the sun NOT man made co2 is the biggest driver of climate change. 3.Co2 is not a dangerous gas,it is not a true greenhouse gas,water vapour makes up about 96% of greenhouse gas.During previous ice ages the atmospheric co2 content was as high as 4,000ppm,why are we so concerned about the present 400ppm?Without co2 most plant life would die.The uk only produces 2% of total world co2 emissions.

4.At the High Court in London in 2007 it was ruled that Al Gores film 'An Inconvenient Truth 'contained so many critical factual errors and could no longer be shown in schools in England and Wales as a portrayal of fact.

5.The Artic ice cap is not receding.Top scientists accept that any melting of the ice cap,which is only floating pack ice,would not directly or significantly contribute to rising sea levels.

6.Polar bear numbers have been increasing since the 1950's.Any rise in sea temperatures has been caused by under water volcanic eruptions.Sea levels are not rising.According to some scientists the world is heading into a mini ice age.