The new Police and Crime Commissioner (PCC) for Dyfed-Powys has asked for ‘a costed and clear review’ on the decision to close front desks at three Pembrokeshire police stations.

Last month, the Western Telegraph reported front desks in Milford Haven, Tenby and Fishguard are being replaced by public information points, with mobile police stations in Milford Haven and Tenby.

Dyfed-Powys PCC Christopher Salmon, who replaced the police authority from last Thursday, said: “I have asked for a costed and clear review on how those decisions were taken and how much money has been saved.”

Mr Salmon said it seemed the police authority had ‘rubber stamped’ the decision without questioning.

“It is very clear to me that’s an example of how the old system did not work,” Mr Salmon added.

Speaking a few days into his new role, Mr Salmon said he was in ‘listening mode’.

“I have spent a lot of time in speaking mode over the last couple of months and now it’s time to listen.”

Mr Salmon has been meeting staff and officers in Carmarthenshire and Powys, and is due to visit Pembrokeshire next week.

Mr Salmon said: “I think the key thing for the police is they have been putting up with this period of change and now the uncertainty has been removed, we can get on with the job.”

He said there was a lot of energy and ideas coming from police and police staff and it was a question of tapping into those.

He is due to meet with the three other PCCs in Wales and said collaboration was likely wherever possible.

Mr Salmon said the first priority was to get ‘a good sense’ of what he was taking over, before making sure the structure was in place to deliver what was needed and then to look at local priorities.

Last week the police authority handed over its final annual report and legacy statement to Mr Salmon.

Authority chairman, Councillor Gwyn Hopkins, said that, despite organisational restructure the authority, working with the force, had continued to deliver a ‘high quality policing service’.

Mr Salmon said: “I shall study the legacy statement with great care, it is my aim to maintain and build on this positive legacy.”