More than half (57%) of the residents who took part in a parking survey of Pembroke Dock central said parking had caused problems between them and their neighbours.

County Councillor Alison Lee conducted the survey in which 63% of respondents were permit holders and 37% never had a permit or had not renewed their permit.

Some 61% said they think the scheme should stay, but only 32% think the scheme is actually working and hadmade parking easier.

Problems occured between residents when some people insisted on parking outside their own homes or commercial vehicles were parked outside people’s homes blocking light and views. On a number of occasions the police were called to resolve disputes, the survey found.

Thirty-four per cent of residents said they would prefer to go back to no parking restrictions and not many people were in favour of permit parking for whole streets because this would cause problems for visitors and trades people.

Half said they wanted a lot more enforcement of the parking rules with better and clearer signage. Residents would also like more patrols done especially at weekends and evenings because there are more problems at these times.

Residents also said they do not like to use their car in the evenings because they would not be able to park on their return. Respondents thought more permits were being sold than there were spaces available and it was a “money-making scheme” for Pembrokeshire County Council.

The survey showed some streets still have really big problems with people who work in the town using the free parking areas.

Cllr Lee said: “I think in general, residents want the scheme to stay, but they want it enforced more often and fairly.”

She added: “A big problem that does need highlighting is people feeling isolated because friends and relatives do not visit for fear of a parking ticket.

“No-one, regardless of age, gender, ability, etc, should feel isolated in their own home.”

Cllr Lee is in the process of doing a questionnaire for businesses in the town.