Nine community-owned enterprises are meeting at Cardigan’s Cellar Bar/ Castle Cafe tomorrow Saturday (January 26th) to tell their stories and compare notes.

At 2.30pm community enterprises from St. Davids to Cardigan will give short presentations on their work.

Some have been running for a few years, others are just at the planning stage. They include village shops, a farm, workshops, shared electric cars, and 4CG-who now own an acre of Cardigan town.

Special guests include Andy Fryers, who runs Hay Book Festival, and Simon Thomas, regional assembly member.

The event is put on by 4CG with money from the Welsh Government.

“As the global economy implodes, we can arrange for the local economy to replace it,” said Vicky Moller, who is managing the funding for the event.

“The driver this time is local need not global greed.

The event on 26th will be an opportunity for enterprises to learn from each other’s experiences, mistakes and inspiration.

“Sometimes one good suggestion is all that is needed to get through the pain barrier.”

Anyone interested is welcome to attend for further information, call 01239 820971 or visit