More than a third of Pembrokeshire people on the old incapacity benefits have been found to be capable of some form of work, following reassessment for the new employment and support allowance.

New data from the Department for Work and Pensions has outlined that 470 of those reassessed (35%) in the county have been deemed fit for some kind of work.

The data shows a total caseload of 1470 cases, with 110 of those still in progress or closed before assessment took place.

Of the 65% who were entitled to the new allowance, 40% of those were put in the 'work related activity group', meaning they are currently too ill or disabled to work and entitled to the benefit, but will be expected to take steps towards an eventual return to work when they are able.

The other 25% have been put into the support group, where they get unconditional support as they are too ill or disabled to work.

Those who have been found fit to work will receive support from JobCentre Plus and the work programme, which offers support over two years for people who are furthest away from the jobs market and who need the most help to eventually move into work.