A family's pet cat has been blinded in one eye after being the victim of an airgun attack.

Police and vets believe that 10-month-old tabby Emily had been deliberately shot at close range.

"She's lucky to be alive," said owner Joanne Thomas of Kilgetty. "The pellet had gone completely through her eye socket."

Emily's injury was inflicted while she was out overnight on March 30 and Mrs Thomas, her husband Vince and children Alex, aged 15, Joshua, aged eight and five-year-old Bethan originally thought that her bleeding right eye and swollen face has been caused by a fight or a bump from a car.

"But when we took her to the vet, they x-rayed her and said she had been shot, because the pellet could be seen in her eye socket.

"Emily was completely stressed and shaken up, and we were very shocked and upset at the thought that someone could do such a thing," said Mrs Thomas.

Emily is now regaining her confidence at the family's home in Ryelands Way and adapting to life with vision in only one eye.

Added Mrs Thomas: "We were advised to let the police know, and hopefully this won't happen to anyone else's pet. It isn't very nice thinking there is someone out there who would deliberately shoot an animal."

Police in Narberth are investigating the incident, and anyone with information should call PC Jackie Howells on 101.