A PEMBROKESHIRE pound is struggling to find new homes for its lost and abandoned dogs.

Llanstinan Boarding Kennels, just outside of Letterston, has close to 30 canine residents, all in search for a second chance in life.

The kennels are Pembrokeshire County Council’s official dog pound, taking in lost and found dogs from dog wardens and police officers. It has a non destruct policy, and any lost pet is held for seven days before it is put up for adoption.

The kennels are run by Derek and Lynda Miles and two full time staff.

Lynda said: “We have had dogs in nearly every day and none have gone, so we’re inundated.

“We seem to be getting a lot of staffies, jack russells and lurchers in at the moment.

“Why not come down and see if you click with a dog. You’ve got to like them and they’ve got to like you.”

Derek said: “They’ve each got their own personalities, so you can’t categorise them. Some people come here looking for a specific breed, but end up going home with something completely different. It's best to keep an open mind.

“Generally the dogs improve in condition and manners once they’ve been here a while.

“Dogs like repetition so they get used to their daily routine, such as when they have their walk and dinner.”

Pembrokeshire County Council funds the facilities, but Llanstinan pays for their care, including veterinary bills, micro-chipping and food. The Dogs Trust also provides vouchers for any adopted dog to be neutered.

Llanstinan would gratefully receive donations of blankets, food and toys for the dogs.

For more information visit www.lostandfounddogs.co.uk or call 01348 840676.