A shake up of primary education among the Pembroke family of schools could result in the closure of the popular Angle, Stackpole and Orielton schools.

The closure of the three schools, to be replaced by a single school on one of the existing sites, is among three options set to go out to consultation.

Maintaining the schools and creating new school federations is also an option.

A review has been carried out in the Pembroke area and looked at, among other factors, standards in schools, supply and demand of pupil places, condition and suitability of buildings and value for money.

A report to members of Pembrokeshire County Council, who meet today (Thursday) discounts entering into consultation over the future of St Mary’s RC, Pennar Community, Pembroke Dock Community, Lamphey CP and Cosheston VC School.

Instead, it focuses on the future of Angle, Stackpole and Orielton Schools.

Currently, ‘an informal’ federation exists between the three schools with a shared Executive Headteacher.

The report says the informal nature of the federation is “not sustainable in the longer term” and that the three schools have an average of about 29% of surplus spaces.

“The delegated per pupil funding of the schools in the Angle peninsula is significantly higher than the county average,” it adds.

The three options recommended to go out to consultation, are: Creating directed federations of Angle and Stackpole schools and Orielton and Monkton Priory and retaining all existing school sites; Directed federation of Angle and Stackpole schools and the closure of Orielton school with pupils transferring to Monkton Priory or Golden Grove; Closure of Angle, Stackpole and Orielton schools with a new school to be established on one of the existing school sites.