Planning committee members are today due to visit a self-built eco home, which faces being torn down if retrospective permission is not approved.

Pembrokeshire County Council’s planning and rights of way committee met in June to discuss retrospective planning permission for the controversial one-bedroom roundhouse, Pwll Broga, situated near Glandwr.

The council’s director of development recommended that permission be refused, stating that the roundhouse is: “An unjustified development in the countryside contrary to the rural restraint strategy of the Local Development Plan.”

Megan Williams and her partner Charlie Hague initially built the roundhouse without planning permission. In 2012 the council ordered that it be demolished. A subsequent appeal was turned down by the planning inspector last summer.

The couple have now applied for retrospective planning permission under the Welsh Government One Planet Development (OPD) initiative.

Addressing June’s committee meeting in Welsh, Megan said: “We need to consider projects like this carefully. Our home cost £12,000 to build. The council should support young people like us across Pembrokeshire.

“We’ve had 96,000 people around the world showing their support for our application.

“It’s not possible to judge it without seeing it,” she said. “It does not affect the landscape negatively.

“This is our life, our home and the future of our son.”

Councillor Jacob Williams proposed to carry out a site visit and councillors are due to visit Pwll Broga today (Wednesday).