CAREW Cricket Club have been charged with bringing the game into disrepute following their controversial declaration on the final game of the season against Cresselly.

The Rooks called their batsmen in on 18 for 1, ensuring their opponents could not then get enough points to overhaul them in the title race.

The incident caused outcry within the county, and the Pembroke County Cricket Club (PCCC) duly set up a sub-committee to investigate the matter.

And this morning, PCCC secretary Steve Blowes released the following statement: "Pembroke County Cricket Club received several written complaints concerning the conduct of both Carew CC and their captain, Brian Hall, following their match with Cresselly.

"In accordance with the procedures as outlined in the county handbook a disciplinary sub-committee met on Monday, September 11.

"As a result of that meeting Carew have been charged with bringing the county cricket club into disrepute, and Mr Hall has been charged with a failure in his duties as a captain in ensuring the game was played within the spirit of cricket."

As a result, a hearing has been set for Tuesday, September 26 at Haverfordwest Cricket Club, and the PCCC have said they will make no further comment until that hearing takes place.