A POLITICAL rally is planned for Saturday afternoon as part of a campaign to unseat eight prominent Conservative MPs with narrow majorities – including Pembrokeshire’s Stephen Crabb.

Guardian writer and television personality Owen Jones is involved with the preparations to stage #unseat Stephen Crabb: a day of mass doorstep canvassing and a major rally demonstration in Haverfordwest's Castle Square at 3pm on October 14.

Preseli Pembrokeshire MP Stephen Crabb retained his seat by 314 votes this year.

Organised by Labour campaign group Momentum, the day kicks off with a canvassing training session led by Mr Jones in Pembrokeshire College, followed by a wide-ranging door-to-door campaign across Haverfordwest.

The headline rally in Castle Square at which attendance from Momentum across Wales and Bristol, the People's Assembly against Austerity and left activists from several parties is expected in the afternoon.

Concluding with a comedy and variety night in the Merlin Theatre organised by the Pembrokeshire People's Assembly group at 6.30pm

Speakers at the rally expected to be in attendance include Owen Jones; Stop the War Coalition co-founder Chris Nineham; Wales Green Party Leader Grenville Ham; Sue Pasternak of Women against State Pension Inequality; Karen Passmore of Disabled People against Cuts; Mark Evans of UNISON; local anti-bedroom tax and social justice campaigner Paul Rutherford; and more.

Stevie Jones, local Momentum organiser, said: “A rally in Haverfordwest of this kind of magnitude feels like a new category of event entirely for the town, and the enthusiasm we have been getting on the street from the public has been even more amazing than I anticipated.

“It is capturing imagination at an incredible rate, and the mood on the ground in responses we've had to it really seem to point to constituents' thoughts moving to reflect on how poorly the Tories have represented the concerns, needs and ambitions of Preseli Pembrokeshire versus how so many mainstream media outlets fail to examine their record with much real critical scrutiny at all—as well as how something so substantially better is on offer from Labour this time around.”

“The Momentum-Owen Jones rally in Haverfordwest is a really positive way to connect with the people of Pembrokeshire,” said Dr Louise Tarbuck, campaign coordinator for Labour Party Solva and St Davids Branch.

“We came so close to unseating Stephen Crabb in the general election, thanks to the dedication and hard work of Labour Party supporters across the county. October 14th will be a great, historic day showing the continuing energy and commitment of Momentum, the Labour Party and all anti-austerity parties working together, calling for the reversal of the policies of austerity that have hurt so many among us.”