Giant jellyfish have been making their wobbly way on to the sands of Pembrokeshire this week.

The massive creatures have fascinated beach-goers at various locations, including the coast by Lydstep Caverns and in Tenby.

The barrel, or dustbin-lid jellyfish (Rhizosstoma pulmo) is the largest of its kind to inhabit British waters, and can grow up to almost three feet across and weigh up to 35kg.

There have been a number of recent sightings around the coast of Wales and the West, and these look set to increase as the weather warms up.

Members of the Tenby Island Project, which opens St Catherine’s Island off the South Beach to the public, spotted 20 of the creatures washed up on the beach on Sunday morning.

They advised on Facebook: “Left undisturbed they will simply recover when the tide re-floats them and they will resume their gracious way through the sea. “