EIGHT days of strike action will be held by firefighters across the UK – including those in Pembrokeshire – next week.

A series of strikes will be held from Monday, July 14 for stints running 6am to 8am and 5pm to 7pm. The strikes will then be held every day until the following Monday (July 21).

On Friday, July 18 the will start at 11pm and run until 1am on Saturday, July 19. The daytime stint will be 11am to 1pm with a similar strike into the early hours of Sunday.

A spokesman for firefighters in the local area said all Pembrokeshire stations would be taking part in the strike action in protest of what has been called “vicious” pension attacks.

“It is a position of keep fighting at the moment; the government has been completely intransigent up to now. Out of frustration we have announced this series of strikes,” he said.

The Fire Brigades Union has said that the current government proposals are “unacceptable, unworkable, unrealistic and nothing short of a vicious attack on firefighters’ pensions”.

The local spokesman added that the public could be reassured that safety measures were in place to cover the strike periods.

“Hopefully these periods of strike action will bring them to the table for discussions,” he added.