Councillor Simon Hancock has called for Hywel Dda University Health Board to imminently take action over Withybush Hospital's cancer care services.

Ward 10 and the cancer care day unit hit the headlines again recently, as charity fund raiser Chris Evans Thomas expressed her frustration that hundreds of thousands of pounds raised in the name of her late son Adam, who died of leukaemia in 2004, had not been used to fulfil his dying wish to improve facilities at Withybush Hospital.

As the board discussed a report from the charitable funds committee, Cllr Hancock said:

"It's important for this board to regain public trust. The Chemotherapy Day Unit and Ward 10 are not just the elephants in the room, they are a whole herd of elephants in the room. We must set up a task and finish group and deliver on it."

Talking about a recent walk about on Ward 10, Cllr Hancock added:

"The staff there are heroic but they are falling over themselves. Let's get this going."

Margaret Rees-Hughes, board member for community concurred, saying:

"I think we are all saying the same thing, we need to move forward." She added that another meeting on the issue was scheduled for August 4th.