A talk discussing the latest findings from a Roman Fort in Wiston is taking place in Haverfordwest this evening, February 6.

The fort, and a road leading Westwards, were discovered in 2013 and provided the first conclusive evidence that Roman legionaries penetrated as far west as Pembrokeshire.

Last summer, further excavations uncovered an extensive Romano-British settlement dating from the 2nd and 3rd centuries, which appears to be a gathering of small farmsteads along route ways leading from the fort.

James Meek, Head of DAT Services of the Dyfed Archaeological Trust, will give the talk to the Pembrokeshire Historical Society, explaining how the digs have shed new light on this dark period of Pembrokeshire’s history.

“Antiquarian ideas of Roman road routes need revisiting, and a different approach to identifying Romano-British sites may be needed in Pembrokeshire,” he said.

The talk is at 6th The Picton Rooms, Haverfordwest, and will start at 7.30pm. The cost for non-members will be £3.

For further information, contact Ann Sayer by e-mailing ann.sayer@btinternet.com