MYSTERIOUS poems are being posted to a Haverfordwest hair salon.

Donna Lewis of Upper Cuts, Holloway, has received two hand-written odes so far. And it appears she isn’t the only one.

Verses written in silver pen on black card and signed by ‘M Jones’ or ‘the composer Mark Jones’ have been sent to other hairdressers in the North East, Lancashire and Gwynedd. A church in Gateshead and a hotel in Aberystwyth have also received poems by the untraceable bard, who always writes “keep your chin up, keep smiling” at the bottom of the page.

Envelopes containing the poems all have a Lancashire postmark.

“I put the first one in the bin, because I didn’t really know what it was,” said Donna. “The second one came last week, and when I looked on-line I saw that this person has been sending poems to lots of hairdressers, but no-one knows why.

“I was a bit spun out by it initially, but now I just think, oh well, maybe it’s just someone trying to brighten up people’s day. There’s no harm in it.”

Donna plans to pin the poem – and any more she receives – on a board in the salon, so customers can read and enjoy them.

“I’d like to know who the poet is,” she said. “After all, whoever it is has taken the trouble to write them and send them to us.

“We’re not the biggest salon in Haverfordwest. I wonder why the poet chose us?”