A HIDDEN gem of a tourist attraction has re-opened for the summer season after a full renovation.

Haverfordwest Town Museum re-opened its doors recently after undergoing a major revamp in readiness of the busy summer season.

Simon Hancock, curator of the museum, is excited for the forthcoming season, as not only has the museum been renovated and given a new lease of life, but also the acquisition of a very special new attraction.

Simon said: “We have been very fortunate, with the help of Haverfordwest Town Council to have purchased a card table made by Haverfordwest’s own, William Owen.

“William Owen was a fantastic man, an architect, designer and furniture maker, with his workshop on Short Row, Haverfordwest.

“Short Row was located in the centre of the lower end of High Street, and has since been pulled down.

“For us to have this magnificent William Owen table is fantastic. It easily could have been bought by a private collector or taken abroad, and kept away from the people of Haverfordwest.

“However with the very generous help of an interest free loan from Haverfordwest Town Council, the museum were able to buy the table and bring it home.”

Haverfordwest Town Museum is celebrating its twentieth anniversary after opening its doors in 1996 and is situated on the castle grounds in the old prison governor’s house, and the museum was the first organisation in Wales to get a Heritage Lottery Grant.

On the running of the museum, Simon, who is also county councillor for Neyland East, said: “We have fantastic support from our volunteers, and not forgetting our chairperson, Ellen Repton.”

The museum also has a number of exhibits, from the history of the castle and the town, to trade and industry and religion.

Haverfordwest Town Museum is open until October 31, Monday to Saturday’s from 10.00am to 4.00pm.